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Journey of Discovery: An Introduction to Scientific Enquiry

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Embark on a Quest of Scientific Enquiry!

Step into a world where your child defines the very essence of science understands its role, and learns about scientific methodology. This unit equips them to start to develop hypotheses, design and conduct fair experiments and interpret data. With hands-on exploration, they’ll not only gather knowledge but also gain the skills to communicate their discoveries with confidence.

Dive in and witness the transformation from curious learner to budding scientist!

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Ignite Curiosity, Cultivate Knowledge

Imagine the thrill of watching your child’s eyes light up with awe, each question they ask revealing a burning curiosity. Dive into a curriculum specifically designed to fan those flames of wonder, guiding young explorers on a riveting journey through the marvels of science.

Journey of Discovery Unit 1 a secular science curriculum for 8 to 13 year olds.

What Will Your Child Learn?

By the end of this introductory unit, your child will:

  • Grasp the essence and purpose of science, understanding its role in the world around them.
  • Understand the steps involved in scientific methodology.
  • Begin to craft hypotheses, focusing on cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Design experiments and execute experiments, learning about the different variables and ensuring that all are carried out fairly.
  • Collect valid data using different methods and tools.
  • Analyse and interpret data, using graphs, charts, and statistics to draw conclusions.
  • Most importantly, they’ll confidently communicate their scientific findings, drawing informed conclusions from their hands-on experiments.

First pages of Unit 1 showing the Welcome and structure of the chapter with the learning objectives clearly laid out and fantastic colour images too.

Attention Homeschooling Visionaries!

Are you looking for a secular science curriculum that delves into the depths of science? Do you want your child to learn about concepts like evolution and the Big Bang? Are you raising curious children and want them to grow up with a thirst for knowledge and with sharp critical thinking skills?

Step by Step instructions for practicals are contained within each instructional booklet for the units.

But navigating the collection of curriculum especially in science can sometimes feel overwhelming:

  • Deciphering and teaching intricate concepts with scientific theories and facts included.
  • Finding the time to cover everything that you feel your child needs to know for the future.
  • Hunting for just the right resources.

Well, those feelings of being overwhelmed will be a thing of the past, this secular science curriculum for 8 to 13-year-olds will bring moments of joy to every scientific discovery.

Showing the glossary at the end of the unit with all of the new vocabulary that your child will learn.

Why Our Curriculum?

Designed by a home-educating mum, who like you struggled to find something that was hands-on, doable at home, affordable and that my children would also love to do I designed this curriculum especially for them. You, like me will discover it’s not just about teaching them science fact after science fact. Together you will:

  • Create memorable moments as you explore the world around you.
  • Build a robust foundation for future scientific exploration.
  • Instill a sense of achievement and confidence in your child.

Would you like a Sample?

Would you like to see what is inside the first unit? Then you can subscribe to Rainy Day Homeschooling and receive the sample to download plus occasional emails from myself.

Included in the Unit

When you purchase this foundation unit you will receive:

  • PDF copies of
    • The Unit Booklet
    • Scientific Notebook for Unit 1
    • Parent’s Guide

These are all currently written in UK English and designed to be printed in A4.

US spelling and paper sizes are coming soon.


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